3 Crystals To Add To Your Winter Solstice Ritual

3 Crystals To Add To Your Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice is such a bittersweet experience that we go through once every year. As the Northern Hemisphere tilts further away from the son we will experience the longest night of the year! For some, this may sound like such a beautiful and magical experience, for others this may just add to the season blues! Regardless of how you’re feeling, it is important to ensure you prepare yourself for the changes around you! Here are 3 crystals to get you through this transitional period that we call the winter solstice and move you into the lighter and brighter days ahead!

The winter solstice is such a transitional experience. We are about to move into brighter and lighter days. With transitional shifts like this, many feel it is a great time to also shift in their lives. Rose Quartz is a great energy crystal to incorporate in your life not only during the winter solstice, but throughout the rest of your year. Rose Quartz helps with forgiving yourself and others. It is the universal love stone and helps you find inner peace and comfort with love for both yourself and your loved ones around you. Rose Quartz helps you with being gentle and loving yourself which can sometimes be difficult during such transitional shifts.

Are you feeling like this is a really good time to let things go and start a new chapter? Then blue apatite is the crystal for you! This energy crystal is all about helping you remove old baggage whether that is emotionally, physically or mentally. Winter solstice helps with putting things in perspective and helps you determine what you would like to incorporate and keep in your life moving forward as the days get lighter and brighter. Blue apatite is a great crystal to incorporate in your daily life as it helps with manifesting new desires.

During the winter season, decreased sunlight reduces the fire energy in our homes. We all need the heat, passion, and life-giving energy of the fire element. So it’s important to adding carnelian energy to your space during the cold winter. Carnelian is a vibrant crystal to help evoke the sun’s warmth, inspiring enthusiasm and a zest for life. This will be useful especially during the winter solstice because it will help you with moving forward into the better and lighter days! The Winter Solstice is a great time to make changes in your life and shifting your mindset is such a great accomplishment! Call on this beauty when you need some fire in your soul. 


Thanks for reading and I hope that you find joy in incorporating some of these crystals into your Winter Solstice rituals!