The Autumal Equinox + A Harvest Ritual For Abundance

The Autumal Equinox + A Harvest Ritual For Abundance

Autumn is a powerful time of transition. Beginning with the full ripeness of summer and ending on the shortest day of the year, fall asks us to recognize the fruit of our labor, enjoy them, and then turn inward.

On the Autumnal Equinox (which falls on Wednesday the 22nd of September this year) the amount of sunshine and darkness is exactly the same. Each day gets shorter by the minute until the shortest day of the year- the Winter Solstice. As we slip into days that are more dark than light, it's important to remember that autumn is an intersection of celebration and release. 


  • Celebrate the harvest by giving thanks to Mama Earth.
  • Balance your energy with grounding crystals and practices.
  • Drink warming herbal teas to clarify your lungs.
  • Finish long term projects to make space for reflection and exploration.
  • Breathe deeply to help your body and mind transition into the quiet space of winter.

The rituals of fall embody the season's duality. Anytime we experience a substantial amount of outer change- moving from the freedom of summer schedules to more structure, the temperature dripping, and the landscape evolving, to name a few- it's too easy to underestimate the inner shifts that occur as a result. The truth is they happen whether we are aware of them or not, and if they're left out of balance for too long, it'll manifest in illness or unwelcome change. 
By honoring these earthly and bodily shift using ritual, the mind and body will be primed to handle the transition with grace and ease. 


A Harvest Ritual For Abundance

For Farmers, autumn's harvest season means taking stock of what grew this years. Throughout the season, they have to assess what is ripe and enough to pick, what to leave for later, and what to let go of for next year. 

The timeline of our lives mimics this energy: Fall brings a burst of activity and then a feeling of centering in and hunkering down. It's a time to take inventory. What has come to fruition, and what hasn't? What seeds do you wish you had planted, in hindsight? What have you nurtured to full maturity, and what did you neglect? 

With this ritual, you will take a moment to contemplate these questions and celebrate the harvest of your life.

What You Will Need From The Outside 

  • Physical objects that remind you of your achievements
  • A crystal of your choice (scroll down for a list of suggestions)
  • An altar or other special place to display them 
  • A pen
  • A paper

What You'll Need From Within

  • A mental (or physical) list of all you've accomplished this year


  1. Grab a pen and paper and, and sit near your altar or settle somewhere comfortable, quit, and indoors where you can be uninterrupted for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  2. Spend some time thinking about and jotting down your most notable moments this year. Reflect on your intentions from January and see what came to fruition or what you happily released. Also notice if any unsolicited good came your way. It would be anything: a moving book you read, a memorable night out, a well deserved promotion, finally saying no to someone- jot down anything that made you feel great, right, or sure. Don't worry about putting them in any order yet. 
  3. From this list, narrow down your moment to five that make you feel most aligned with who you want to be. 
  4. Using your edited selection, gather five objects that remind you of these moments and place them on your alter or somewhere they can be permanently displayed. This is your harvest- whether these cam from goals you set or came your way without solicitation.
  5. Grab your crystal, meditate for 5 minutes (or more) with it, set your intention and place it with the rest of your objects.
  6. Practice receiving and understanding that what you have in front of you is enough, Know that especially now, the season of fall supports abundance. Accept it with grace. 

Crystals for the Autumnal Equinox

Carnelian– Boosts your energy on days when the changing of seasons is a little more challenging than others.

Purple Fluorite – Helps you to see more clearly as you set intentions for the new year. 

Fire Quartz– Exudes a grounding energy that helps encourage you to act upon and achieve your goals.

Blue Apatite – A creative stone, blue apatite helps you to find focus and promotes your creativity.

Moss Agate– Refreshes your soul like a crisp, vibrant autumn day. A stone of abundance.

Tiger’s Eye – Increases your motivation to create wealth and abundance. It helps you to work hard towards bringing your financial goals to life.

Crystal Skulls - This time of year would not be complete with crystal skulls. They assist you in revealing what you need to let go of as you're closing a chapter of your life and go through a period of transformation.

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