Welcome to aether

We are a female-owned and operated online crystal shop based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  

Our mission is simple: deliver all-natural, ethically-sourced crystals to all who seek them. We are an inclusive and loving space, and we seek to bring our message of healing and hope into the world with each and every crystal we provide.

Our founder, an Advanced Crystal Master and a Certified Crystal Practitioner, personally selects every crystal to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every piece that passes through our hands is intuitively selected and energetically cleansed. 

We Seek to Empower

We want to empower you to believe that you yourself are also powerful and to inspire you to feel that sense of empowerment each day.

By creating daily rituals using Crystal energy and connecting with them as tools, you will be able to transform yourself from the inside out, dissolve physical and emotional blockages and clear the path to your natural state of abundance.

We believe that whatever you deeply desire for your life is exactly what the Universe seeks to experience through you. Wealth and prosperity are expressions of your natural state and abundance is your birth right.

All-Natural Gems + Minerals

As an all-natural crystal sellers, we assure that none of our crystals are treated in any way beyond carving or shaping. We do not carry any heat-treated, lab-altered or dyed crystals in our boutique. We believe that Mother Gaia's creations are perfect just as they are, and we wouldn't dream of altering the healing energy of her creations.